Podcasts: All Of Them!

Welcome to the podcasts. As these unfold, we shall look at how wilderness revelations appear in everyday life. We’ll look at spiritual, psychological, even physical manifestations of wilderness revelations.

All the podcasts are located on this page. For convenience, they are divided up in categories and posted on other pages. just click on that page and they will come up.

Podcast numbers 1-5 introduce the concept of “Wilderness” and suggest ways to enter it in everyday life.

Numbers 6-12 give examples of the wilderness nature of scripture.

Numbers 13-19 and 24 elaborate how we discern and engage God’s Call, that is, our vocation.

Numbers 12, 20-22 are meditations on the seasons. #12 is “A Christmas Story” and #20 is on “Lent.” #21 is about Palm Sunday, #22 is about Good Friday.

Finally, the series on “Theodicy” is in development, but is available on the “Theodicy” page.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Jeff Zahir, without whom these podcasts would not be possible!